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Zelio Relay Products

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Zelio SSR series offer the slim, modular, and power types of solid state relays that provide consistent machine performance and reduce the size of your enclosures. The benefits like low maintenance, compactness, shock/vibration resistance, and wide supply voltage range allows them to be used in heating, lighting, and motion control applications. The slim relay-socket solution offers:

  • Offers various input and output configurations for both AC and DC switching applications.
  • 5 mm/0.197 in. width relays (current ratings of 100 mA, 2 A, and 3.5 A) designed for plug-in mount on 6 mm/0.236 in. width sockets.
  • Allows the customer to choose the combination of relays and associated sockets from the wide range available.

Click here to visit Zelio Relay Products page on Schneider Electric website.