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Masterpact NT and NW 2006

Schneider Electric, Al-Alimi ITEC Co. Ltd. – Yemen, LV high-current

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Over the last hundred years, Merlin Gerin has gained a strong reputation for quality and innovation by integrating advanced technologies into its circuit-breakers. The requirements for reliability, flexibility and simplicity have always been the company’s priorities. Merlin Gerin offers the largest range of products on the market, with sizes, accessories and technical data that are suitable for every type of application.

The UL 489 Listed Masterpact product range was designed to address the concerns of customers and systems integrators. Small size, flexible configuration, easy installation, improved continuity of service and reduced maintenance are the key factors of Masterpact’s success, which have made it the most competitive power circuit-breaker on the market.

The Masterpact range can be divided into two types:

  • Masterpact NT (800 A and 1200 A)

Masterpact NT is the world’s smallest true power circuit-breaker with ratings from 800 A to 1200 A.

  • Masterpact NW (800 A to 3000 A) & (4000 A and 5000 A)

Masterpact NW is available in two sizes, one for 800 A to 3000 A circuit-breakers and the other for 4000 A and 5000 A circuit-breakers.

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