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TeSys Protection Components 2013

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Schneider Electric, Al-Alimi ITEC Co. Ltd. – Yemen, Schneider, Protection

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A collection of control & protection components for motors and machines. Exceeding the operating limits of an electric motor will lead, eventually, not only to destruction of the motor itself but also of the mechanisms it drives. This type of load can be the cause of electrical or mechanical faults.

Electrical faults:

  • overvoltage, voltage drop, imbalance and phase failure which cause variations in the current drawn,
  • short-circuits which can cause the current to reach levels capable of destroying the load.

Mechanical faults:

  • locked rotor,
  • brief or prolonged overload which leads to an increase in the current drawn by the motor, and therefore overheating.

The cost of these faults must take into account loss of production, loss of raw materials, repair of the production tool, poor quality of production and delays in delivery.

Each motor starter must therefore have:

  • short-circuit protection, to detect and break, as quickly as possible, abnormal currents generally greater than 10 times the rated current (In).
  • overload protection, to detect increases in current up to about 10 In and switch off the starter before overheating of the motor and conductors damages the insulation.

This protection is provided by specific devices such as fuses, circuit-breakers and thermal overload relays, or by more integrated devices offering several types of protection.

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