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Schneider Electric, Al-Alimi ITEC Co. Ltd. – Yemen, Acti9 IC60

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Acti 9 is Schneider Electric’s new core modular system that makes your power distribution installation safer, simpler and more efficient. Whatever your specific application needs, we offer a range of dedicated Acti 9 units developed for specialized applications. All units are fully tested, approved and certified by international standards. With Acti 9, you and your customers can rest assured that the installation is 100% safe and in full compliance with regulations and industry standards.

In addition, we offer back-up tables providing quick, at-a-glance overview of everything you need to know when building your panel. The back-up tables include data on Compact NSX circuit breakers with 100 % cascading, making it easy for you to include Acti 9 in larger installations and distribution panels. For more information, please view the included files above.

The range of Acti9 products includes: –

Circuit Protection

Circuit Breaker

iC60a  iC60N iC60H
iC60L  iC60LMA  C60H-DC  90102
iK60 (B curve)  iK60 (C curve)  C120N 
C120H  NG125a  NG125N
NG125H NG125L  NG125LMA
iDPN, iDPN N  P25M  





STI  SBI  IF  CM901032


Residual current device

Choice of earth leakage protection devices  CA902000 Overview of the earth leakage protection product range  CA902011 Vigi iC60
Vigi C120 Vigi NG125 iID 
iID K RCCB-ID 125 A RCCB-ID type B
DPNa Vigi DPN N Vigi


Click here to visit Acti 9 Products page on Schneider Electric website.