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Who We Are?

peopleAL-ALIMI ITEC CO. LTD. was founded in 1995 as a Yemeni private trading and importing company specializing in electrical power equipment. The company provides the Yemeni market with high-quality, environment-friendly and cost-efficient equipment and products in terms of wholesale trading. In addition to wholesale trading, AL-ALIMI ITEC CO. LTD. is a contractor of electrical power projects in Yemen. Benefiting from the business growth in telecommunication and oil-fields sectors in Yemen, we conduct many electrical power, fire alarm and conditioning projects for firms working in Yemen.



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Organizational Structure



Our Goal

goalTo be a pioneer company in Yemen which offers high quality, environment-friendly and cost-effective products and services. We always intend to represent the most important international companies in the field of producing high-quality electrical equipment. For example, we are an authorized dealer and distributor of Schneider Electric (electrical equipment), Odeer Lighting (lighting systems), and Wallis (earthing & lightening protection).




Company’s Values

Integrity-World1Integrity :

Integrity is a core value in our business. Our relationship with our clients and our partners is based on trust and transparency. Therefore, we take our staff, our clients and our business partners to the highest integrity standards.

3d small people - teamTeamwork :

We encourage Teamwork environment since we view our team as one family and we place team values above individual values. We use the unity of our team along with the skills of each member to bring out the best of each one to the benefit of our clients and partners.

CircleofExcellenceExcellence :

We always pursue Excellence in our business and not only do we strive to meet the expectations of our clients and partners, but also to exceed them.

CreativityCreativity :

We believe that Creativity is a vital value and an important factor in business. Thinking beyond the usual leads to the development of new tactics and strategies that ensure the short-term and the long-term business success.



The Company And Its Clients

We, in AL-ALIMI ITEC CO. LTD. highly care about our relationship with our current and future clients as well as tender sources and save no effort to continuously strengthen this relationship. Among the several ways the company strengthen this relationship are:-

–    Choosing the most qualified employees in the business field

–    Providing the best level of training for employees and technicians who handle our clients’ businesses

–    Providing our clients with the top quality and environment-friendly equipment and products

–    Ensuring competitive prices of the products and services provided

–    Providing a sophisticated Customer Service to ensure our clients satisfaction (this includes providing spare parts and after-sale service)

–    Conducting personal and business visits to our clients when possible

AL-ALIMI ITEC CO. LTD. strive to improve the well-being of both the society and the environment through representing companies that produce environment-friendly and top quality products.

Being one of the leading firms in the Yemeni market in its business field, AL-ALIMI ITEC CO. LTD. has business relationships with both the public sector (e.g. ministries and other governmental corporations) and the private sector (e.g. telecommunication and oil firms). This business relationships grew and developed as a result of our professional & ethical conduct and personal commitment and dedication in addition to applying our company’s VALUES (ITEC) on business daily basis.

We have 18 dedicated and qualified employees 13 of them in the headquarters. This includes Marketing & Sales team, accountants and administrative assistants who are managed by a professional management which encourages the Teamwork environment. In addition to the headquarters, we have a branch in Sana’a city located in Shumaila zone and an under-construction branch in Taiz city. These branches are well-equipped and prepared with qualified representatives, 3 Vans in each branch for delivery and distribution of our products, and the most high-tech marketing system. Moreover, we have a number of local distributors in 6 main Yemeni cities (Aden, Hoddiedah, Taiz, Ibb, Dhamar & Mukalla).


The Founders


Jameel A. Al-Alimi

GM Deputy Manager


Ghaleb A. Al-Alimi

GM Manager


Mohammed A. Al-Alimi

Sales Manager